[SOLVED] how AT&T helped solved an improbable issue

Just sharing a “Customer Service Horror Story” that I experienced by asking AT&T to stop sending me confidential information from other customer to my email. I wanted to alert them that some of their customers incorrectly typed my email instead of his. But this is going to be a long story.. or hopefully not with your help.

UPDATE: @ATT_Jam has answered me. I am just copying everything to @ATTCustomerCare

UPDATE2: Issue has been solved! Thank you AT&T! My Learning is : Twitter always get you to the RIGHT people inside any organization.

Today I received an email telling me that my account was charged. For the record I live in Perú (South America) and I am not customer of AT&T.

The probable reason I have received this email is that Mr. Jaime Albarracin -maybe some nice folk that lives in USA- is the real customer of AT&T and when he registered to the service he incorrectly typed his email and wrote mine. So this is why I am receiving potentially confidential information to my email.

I am writing this blogpost because I have tried my best to work it out talking to regular channels at AT&T but no matter how I offered to help solve this situation I always receive a “NO” for answer. So I am just copying and pasting the last chat I had to a customer service representative at AT&T Today:


Thank you for your patience! An AT&T customer service representative will be with you shortly.

You are now chatting with ‘Lisa’


Lisa: Thank you for completing the pre-chat survey Mr. Albarracin. I can assist you today. It is my priority to resolve this issue today and to respond to any other questions that you may have. Please allow me a few moments to access your account.

JAVIER ALBARRACIN: Mi name is Javier Albarracin and I live in PERU. Each month I receive an “AT&T Payment Processed” Email that is not intended for me

Lisa: I apologize but the number you provided is not 10 digits, may I get the mobile number you are referencing to please?

JAVIER ALBARRACIN: I am pretty sure of this. This is sent to a customer which name is “Jaime” Albarracin

JAVIER ALBARRACIN: I am not an AT&T Customer he is

JAVIER ALBARRACIN: I receive his emails with *i think* potientally confidential information

JAVIER ALBARRACIN: for instance, you sent me his “AT&T Account Enfing in ****” (I am just protecting this on this blog post)

Lisa: I apologize I am not able to assist you with that Mr. Albarracin. You can contact customer service and see if they can assist you with this. I apologize for the inconvenience.



JAVIER ALBARRACIN: this is very important

JAVIER ALBARRACIN: I dont need assistance

JAVIER ALBARRACIN: Mr. Jaime Albarracin (not me)

JAVIER ALBARRACIN: needs assistance

JAVIER ALBARRACIN: Probably he incorrectly entered my email instead of his

JAVIER ALBARRACIN: so this is why I am receiving his emails

Lisa: I am not able to Mr. Albarracin. There is no account for me to access. The only thing I am able to assist with is our online account website.

JAVIER ALBARRACIN: OK please direct me to

Lisa: You will need to contact customer service at 800-331-0500.



JAVIER ALBARRACIN: how can I call an 1-800


JAVIER ALBARRACIN: this is an special thing

JAVIER ALBARRACIN: probably you can send this to anybody


JAVIER ALBARRACIN: I am just helping

Lisa: I understand that Mr. Albarracin but we don’t even have an account to look at in order to assist you. The customer will need to contact us himself.

JAVIER ALBARRACIN: (probably this is a test for you, in which you excell by doing something extraordinary for a real customer -not me- from AT&T)

JAVIER ALBARRACIN: How is he going to contact you? he doesnt know I am receiving his emails

JAVIER ALBARRACIN: I am willing to help your customer

JAVIER ALBARRACIN: please just send me an email for me to write to

Lisa: Mr. Albarracin, this is not an issue of whether or not I want to assist you, I can’t assist you. I don’t have an account to look at in order to see what is going on, therefore I am not able to assist.

JAVIER ALBARRACIN: Probably you have a supervisor?

JAVIER ALBARRACIN: (somebody who can really understand this problem and can help?)

JAVIER ALBARRACIN: Lisa, If you really want to assist me just give me an email so I can write to anybody explaining this particular situation.

JAVIER ALBARRACIN: Your slogan says “We’re here to help.”

Lisa: It doesn’t matter who you speak with Mr. Albarracin, if we do not have an account to look at for the customer you are receiving emails on then there is no way for us to contact him to tell him anything. All you are giving us is a name. We need more than that to locate an account and assist you accordingly.

JAVIER ALBARRACIN: Service Type AT&T Account Ending In Payment Method Account Number Ending In Confirmation Payment Date Amount Wireless 6968 Visa ******** *************** 09/10/2012 $******.32  (protected **** edited)

JAVIER ALBARRACIN: this is the info I received

JAVIER ALBARRACIN: OK so where I could send this information?

JAVIER ALBARRACIN: OK Let me publish this chat on my blog.

JAVIER ALBARRACIN: Probably somebody will read it and help

Lisa: I was advised by my manager to see if you can reply to the email.


JAVIER ALBARRACIN: PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE All replies are automatically deleted. For questions regarding this message, refer to the contact information listed above.

Lisa: Unfortunately if we do not have a number or social security number to search for the account with then there is not anything for me to look at in order to assist the customer. I don’t have a mobile number or home number to contact the customer on. Without an account to view Mr. Albarracin we are not able to assist. I apologize for the inconvenience.

JAVIER ALBARRACIN: I have the email

JAVIER ALBARRACIN: jalbarracin@**********.com   (I am protecting my email here in the blog post)

Lisa: Isn’t that your email address that you keep receiving the messages on?

JAVIER ALBARRACIN: (this is my email.. but you are sending MR. JAIME ALBARRACIN information to my email)

JAVIER ALBARRACIN: I believe we just need to inform to the guys at AT&T Support

JAVIER ALBARRACIN: to stop sending emails to jalbarracin@***********.com

JAVIER ALBARRACIN: I can forward you the email I received

Lisa: Again Mr. Albarracin without an account I am not able to assist you. To change an email address on account so that you will not receive them anymore we have to have an account to look at in order to make the changes. There is no way to search by the email address.

JAVIER ALBARRACIN: I don’t want to change the email. I just want to stop receiving confidential information not intended for me. I Just want to help your customer. If you can’t help, probably you can forward this to the VP of Customer Service

JAVIER ALBARRACIN: Telling him : “We want to help our customers but you are not providing us the apropriate tools”

Lisa: What you are not understanding Mr Albarracin is that no one can assist  you unless we can access the customers account. You do not have the customers mobile number therefore we cannot access an account. In order to make the emails stop coming to you and going to the correct email then we would need to access the account and change the email address.

JAVIER ALBARRACIN: I’ve worked several years in customer service related operations. I know what you can do when you are empowered.

JAVIER ALBARRACIN: Just write this to your VP

Lisa: How can I access an account for a customer I do not have any information on Mr. Albarracin ?

Lisa: Is there anything else I can assist you with at this time?

JAVIER ALBARRACIN: I am not asking to access

JAVIER ALBARRACIN: I am asking to forward this



Lisa: That is the only way for us to see the customers email address. How else would I see that it is wrong and get it fixed?



Lisa: You are welcome and we hope you have a good day!  Thank you for your business and for visiting the AT&T Live Support Chat. It has been my pleasure to assist you today, please click the close button to end your session. A customer satisfaction survey will automatically appear and we appreciate your feedback.


Please my only intention is to help MR. JAIME ALBARRACIN if somebody from AT&T have an Idea on how to help. Please I am open to assist you.

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