Solved: How to fix “Connection Lost” error on Facebook for Android.

I finally get my Samsung connect with Facebook again. So I am sharing the solution that worked for me and also two alternative solutions that seems work OK to make your mobile connect again and get rid of the “Connection Lost” message.

Since two weeks ago I kept receiving the annoying “Connection Lost” message every time I opened the facebook app for android. For the record I own a Samsung Galaxy S II but I think this Facebook error will happen to most smartphones (android, iphone..)

The Solution

There are three ways to fix the connection problem:
1.- Update to the latest software: Go to “Google Play” (formerly known as “Android Market”) and select MY APPS > UPDATE
This solution doesn’t work for me but I’ve read it solved for some users.
2.- Change your password by going to you Android Settings -> Manage Applications -> Facebook -> Clear Data
With this it will solve most problems. I honestly don’t understand why this change works but It works charmly for most phones
3.- Fully Uninstall and Re-Install Facebook Application from google play. This fixed the connection lost problem for me. Just go to Play Store (on your Android device) or Appstore (on Iphone) and go to Installed Applications and select Facebook Uninstall. Then go search again for facebook and re-install. You will be prompted for you password and then it will SYNC and will work again :)

I hope one of this solutions for the Facebook “Connection Lost” problem will help you and solve your problem.

8 Responses to “Solved: How to fix “Connection Lost” error on Facebook for Android.”

  1. Kent Sampson says:

    Tried it and still doesnt work at all

    • bcpadmin says:

      Hi Kent,
      There is another way that worked for a friend. Open the Facebook Application then click on the menu button on the mobile phone it will display a LOGOUT button. Please Log Out and then close and open the App again. It will ask you for username and password. It should work fine :)

      • bev says:

        hi fantastic advice …it worked !!! thanks

      • Akalanka says:

        Now that ‘logging out, closing app(stoping the services from the running apps) and re logging in, worked for me. That’s I imagine because it deletes all the current data and re starts from the beginning. Therefore I believe anything that causes the app to delete it’s current data and re download it will work.

    • Kris says:

      Your "solution" is a series of hit and miss that may or may not fix the problem. I hardly think you can claim to have fixed a problem that you’ve not even identified. I had already tried all of these things including the response to the other commenter. Still, nothing. I even had to send the app to my phone from the web because I couldn’t connect to download the app. Clearly this is something at the facebook end. Misleading post generating false search results.

      • bcpadmin says:

        Hi Kris, sorry for late answer. Third one worked OK for me. But I understand some solutions work for different situations. I am not trying to mislead only to share what worked for me. I was so happy to find a solution that tried to share it with the world. As you say probably in some situations it doesn’t fix the problem. I don’t know if this is a Facebook related issue.

  2. Tiffany says:

    AGH! Thank you so much! This worked! It’s been driving me absolutely crazy.
    A Non-techie Mom

  3. JEF says:

    Hmmm followed the instructions to de & re install & I’m still getting the Connection Lost message. Trying a restart. It works! However I wonder if I could have tried the "log out" would have worked. Wish I read that first.
    Now to get my Comcast mail set up again. I cleared my memory & that’s causing all kinds of issues.

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